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A City Is Being Built With White Lego Pieces And Everyone Can Join The Process


We’re all used to going to an exhibition to appreciate someone’s work, be it ancient or modern, with a natural sense of physical detachment, since it’s rare that art pieces are available for touching. Well, not when it comes to certain pieces, like that of a Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson titled “The Cubic Structural Evolution Project”.

The project that’s hosted at Tate Modern gallery in London will run until 18th of August, 2019. It invites people from all over the world, of any age, to contribute to the piece. What is the piece you might ask? A free-form Lego structure with anyone available contributing to the artwork. Oh, and unlike the typical Lego pieces, ones involved in “The Cubic Structural Evolution Project” are completely white and devoid of any building instructions.

This artwork-installation in London allows anyone visiting to contribute to it

Image credits: Robert Allam

Image credits: Robert Allam

Eliasson first started this sort of installation back in 2004. He invited people to build, deconstruct and reshape the piece in a period of time, usually a few weeks. The magic of this particular art piece is that there is no single author – while the initial idea is Olafur Eliasson’s, contributions to the final work come from hundreds of gallery visitors.

Image credits: Robert Allam

The project had humble beginnings just 2 weeks ago

Image credits: JasonThorne_RPP

“The Cubic Structural Evolution Project” in Tate Modern gallery started on 26 of July and has already seen many reiterations. People visitint filled the white playground with dozens of structures, from tall towers, to miniature monuments.

Image credits: Robert Allam

Image credits: Robert Allam

If you’re currently in London, now’s the good time to contribute as the project will see its end this week! Though even if you miss this exceptional installation, fear not! “Olafur Eliasson: In real life” is an exhibition of the artist’s work that will be available in the gallery until January 5, 2020.

Image credits: Robert Allam

Image credits: Robert Allam

Some people reported seeing something similar in 2015

Image credits: g_meslin

It happened during The High Line’s The Collectivity Project that was done by the same artist

Image credits: g_meslin

Here’s what people on social media had to say about the project

Image credits: TheGallowBoob

Image credits: Petemoss42

Image credits: DigitalPsyche

Image credits: endlesssfm

Image credits: ThyAbsoluteUnit

Image credits: oliverblueberry

Image credits: makoConstruct

You can watch the project in action here