You don’t need a lot to keep yourself entertained every day! Toys can be made out of anything – all you have to do is being creative. Sometimes, all you need is already there in your room or you may check the nearest dollar store. Anyway, my message is – you don’t need a lot to be happy! Let’s begin the creative marathon.

Turning old toys into something cool is an amazing idea. First of all, recycling helps our planet (you create less garbage and use things for longer). Secondly, you can make your house look cooler by creating new decorative objects. Thirdly, it’s a cool way to make presents. For example, an old teddy bear can still serve you if you upgrade it a little. Yes, you’ll have to chop the toy’s head off (OOPS!) but insert a jar in its body and then put the head back at its place. Voila! You get a cool secret stash. Another amazing idea is transforming good old toy soldiers into a stylish fruit vase. An old plastic figure (we had a big dinosaur) can become a useful toothbrush holder. You have to see that as well: an amazing clothes hanger made of…cows!

Old toy cars can be used as decorative elements – you cna make a stulish lamp using them, or do as we did – decorating a photo frame.

Do you have a spirograph at home? If you don’t – it’s high time to get one. This little plastic device helps to create magnificent patterns on paper! Get yourself a couple of colorful sharpies and create.

If you like fantasy movies, you’d love our dragon egg tuttorial. For this craft, you’ll need and egg figure (you can buy it in a hobby shop or a dollar store), a handful of pins, nail polish, glitter, and patience. This craft can decorate any room and it also can be an amazing gift to someone you like.

There are more incredibly cool ideas in this video – make sure to watch it up to the end.


02:13 – Toothbrush holder
03:24 – Spirograph drawings
08:44 – Yarn painting
09:18 – Hand drawings


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